Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PUBMobilia - 3

Not all the Tooth's mirrors were reinforced by lifestyle and industry. Some just told it plain and simple - Sadly, the ever popular 'Dirty Annie' is no longer popular.

Two alternative Tooheys mirrors inside a Glen Innes hotel . . . "Here's to'ee!"

Melbourne Bitter - made in Victoria and stoically Victorian in design.

Trundle Hotel near Parkes, west NSW. Fosters and VB stickers compete with the full-mirrored defunct Tooth's product - and lose. It's Tooth's you feel like asking for at the bar.

Two Tooheys' posters blithely apply Koori motifs - both would compliment the similarly inappropriate velvet cushions and garden statues of 40-50s Australia.

All beer's good!

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